What We Do

Educate          Research             Product Development


Through our developing social media presence we are spreading the message about the issues of single use plastics

School visits help to pass on this message to the next generation. Please get in contact if you would like to arrange for a workshop 

Engaging with the public on the need to end our reliance on single use plastics


Within our wet lab we are looking for innovative ways to help solve the problem of microplastic in the oceans

Investigating the effects of these plastics and their removal from the marine ecosystem


Making the change to a more sustainable existence can be hard

We aim to inspire others to make changes 

Slow is better than not at all

We encourage people                to

         Be Better

        Not Perfect

Product development

In order for change to happen there must be alternatives to single use plastic

Its our aim to develop as many alternatives as possible to our Ocean Safe range

Providing alternative options is one way to reduce reliance on single use 


Our choice of materials is paramount to meeting our Vision

We focus on using renewable, recycled, vegan, organic and cruelty free raw materials and keep production methods as environmentally friendly as we can

Products are packed by hand to avoid machinery use

Ocean Advocacy

We want to see an end to all unnecessary single use plastic

We are most concerned with the health of our marine ecosystems and campaign for their protection

We will continue to apply pressure for microplastics to be banned in the UK as soon as possible


Its really important to us and its at the heart of what we do

Our new products will be as environmentally sustainable as possible 

If we can't get it right  we won't do it at all


We aim to manufacture as much as possible in the UK to avoid the negative effects of global shipping and air freight