Why Flasks?

Bamboo is the way to go!

As a sustainable and fast-growing grass, bamboo provides a good alternative to traditional plastics. We had seen these bamboo thermos flasks before and loved their stunning design.
The problem? They had plastic bases and lids The solution? We made our own!
Sustainably sourced organic bamboo creates a unique pattern on each of the double insulated flasks containing FDA approved food grade stainless steel. 

Greener Flasks

The food grade stainless steel can be recycled infinite times with no change in quality. The flask and packaging are all 100% plastic free and create zero waste for landfill. These flasks are part of our Ocean Safe commitment to reducing microplastics in the world's oceans. The bamboo can either be recycled, composted or placed in your garden waste bin.

Why product and packaging? 

As consumers we were appalled by the amount of plastic packaging we received with online purchases. On top of this when buying environmentally friendly products we were increasingly finding that they were still packaged in non-recyclable plastics. This seemed ridiculous to us, to go to the effort of selling plastic alternatives and sticking them in a plastic box, bottle or tub. We took it a step further and decided that we would ensure all of our packaging produced zero waste including all colours, dyes, adhesives and labelling. 


This is the process of a company claiming to be environmentally friendly using vague, false or even fraudulent claims. Ask questions as a consumer. We have poured hours of blood, sweat and lots of tears into developing our products and will bore you rigid explaining why we chose every material or process we used. If you challenge a product and get vague answers, then the chances are you are being greenwashed. 

Greenwashing uses unsubstantiated claims to deceive consumers into believing that a company's products are environmentally friendly

Why buy Ocean Safe and Zero Waste?

The ideal is we don't buy anything new. The reality is people will continue to consume products. We can't consume our way out of an environmental crisis but we can do our part to make sure new products are as harmless as they can possibly be to our Earth.

In developing our range we do not compromise. There are products we are desperate to develop but technological or economical restraints at present make it impossible. If we can't get it to 100% then we leave it for now. 

Zero Waste to us means our product leave no traces of their existence. They can be home composted, recycled and even if they do make it to the marine environment they will soon biodegrade into harmless water and gasses.