Fed up with buying nearly Eco-Friendly products that are still packaged in excessive and extravagant plastic?

We were too!!

So, our Eco-Brd Ocean Safe range was born

What Makes us Different?

Developed in the UK by Marine Scientists our products are all 100% plastic free, including all packaging and create Zero Waste (It’s our Mission and our Vision!)

We don’t sell anything that doesn’t meet these standards

All our products have been through extensive testing to ensure their Zero Waste and Ocean Safe credentials are met

This is not a token eco-friendly option in our range it is what we live and breathe every day

Join us on our journey to a more sustainable future with new product lines expected soon

September 2021

Greener Glitter

Ocean Safe Glitter is available at:

January 2022

Greener Plasters

Greener Plasters are available at 

April 2022

Greener Straws

Greener Straws are available at 

September 2022

Greener Flask

Greener Flasks are available at 

Spring 2023

New Products

We will be adding to our range with Metal Bento boxes and plastic free ice stones in Spring 2023


Join us on the journey